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Our CEO is a professional writer - and we offer varied writing services.

Marcia is a highly experienced and exceptional writer in many different styles and fields - business, scientific, psychology, technology and others. She has written hundreds of publications in the form of articles, books, reports, technical journals, manuals, marketing literature and others. 

She writes effectively for general audiences (the general public) and niche audiences, whether entrepreneurs, business leaders, legal professionals, government, nonprofits, educators and others. She also has strong experience in writing contracts, speeches, scripts and social media information, among other areas -- along with extensive research experience on a wide range of topics.

A small sample of her writings follows, with other information available on request.

Business Effects of 2018 Google Policy Change:


Green Energy for Small Business:

Article published on Ezine Articles.com

How to Stay in Business:

Article published on Linked In 

Real Estate Comparison Buying


Strategic Planning Formula:


Nonprofit Organization Support:

FSAE magazine article link coming

Florida Society of Association Executives

Emergency Planning for Communities

Article published in Florida League of Cities magazine

National Security - Energy

Book excerpt coming