Firewalking: Turning FEAR Into POWER

Tony Robbins was in the headline news several years ago due to people having gotten burned at one of his “motivational” events. Not burned as in swindled but physically burned as part of a “Firewalk Experience”.

Robbins holds events all over the world focused on equipping people to make massive positive changes in their lives. 

Certain of his events include an (optional) experience of walking over a bed of burning hot coals (of 1200 – 2000 degrees heat)!

How do I know? As a former trainer with his organization I’ve firewalked many times.

The experience is absolutely transformational. And it “teaches” in a way that a speaker's presentation, or other words or images, could never come close to doing. 

As one of the powerful results, it creates an absolute Knowing that the things you once thought were impossible in your life (within and about yourself, in your relationships, at work, etc.) are absolutely possible … and that you can take charge of and create the life you desire. 

It’s not like somebody just Telling you that you can do whatever it is you’re seeking -- and then trying to pump you up to believe it. Instead, through the firewalk experience you develop CERTAINTY that you can … the kind of certainty that enables a person to follow-though and get amazing things done.

There is, of course, a specific process involved in walking barefooted over red hot coals successfully.                                             

Taking selfies (as people who got burned at that event were reported as doing) is Not part of the process! 

Another powerful part of the experience includes suspending limiting beliefs and pre-occupation with what you’ve always known and done. Walking on coals requires believing in the impossible. It also involves entering a state of sheer empowerment where the focus is on what you most want in your life. 

As Tony has designed it, the experience is like a metaphor for life and for how our focus and beliefs determine so much of the life we experience.

You look UP the entire time while you’re walking, visualizing what you want and FEELING it as the reality that you’re walking into. By each step you’re creating a new reality for your life.

You don’t look down – you definitely don’t look at the coals, which represent fears and barriers in your life … obstacles that have in the past stopped you from being who and achieving what you want. 

And you don’t talk with friends, take pictures, eat snacks or engage in other distractions while this phenomenal, magical, almost inexplicable process is underway. 

You focus on what's most important - in the moment and for your life.

When I reach the end of my life I have no doubt that my involvement with these events (and the firewalk having been just one "small" part thereof) will have been one of the best experiences I could ever have imagined in a lifetime, as it already is. One more thing to be grateful for.

(c) Marcia Elder - Update of Blog from several years prior on another Website.