New Year Resolutions & Planning

Tapping Strategic Formula for 2019 & Beyond - Book Review

Thinking about setting resolutions for the new year? Ever created a strategic plan for your business or organization? What about combining the two into a personal strategic plan that includes your top resolutions for the year ahead!

“Planning the Life You Desire ~ Living the Life You Deserve: Creating & Achieving Goals That Matter Most” was written to help people from all walks of life do just that. The 154 page book is available on in both paperback and e-book form.

The book jacket notes: “Whether you’re seeking to find and forge a new life path … or to simply get clearly focused and well organized to achieve your goals for the next year … this book is an invaluable tool to get you there.”

“Planning defines the target and the path for realizing what we want in life. Everyone has the opportunity to create a better life through effective planning”, according to the author, long-time business and nonprofit leader, Marcia Elder. 

As noted by Elder, “Throughout the book readers will find timely insights, strategies and resources for creating the life they desire. The book also includes what Elder refers to as a “powerful process” to engage and guide readers, along with workbook forms.  

The process includes defining what success means for your life, what is your purpose and the what, why and how of your goals. It provides guidance in setting meaningful priorities as well as developing strategies and action steps to back them up. 

As the book summary notes, “it is a book that can be used year after year to get and keep you on course for what’s most important in your life … and it strives to help the reader get crystal clear on what you most want and why.”

The book promises as the end result “your own All-In-One Personal Strategic Plan, New Year’s Resolutions and Life Guidebook”. 

Elder is President of a long-time consulting firm, CPI Consulting. The multi-disciplinary firm has been in business for over 25 years providing a range of professional services to clients statewide and at the national level. Strategic planning, business coaching and communications are among their specialties. Through CPI, Elder is also Director of the Virtual Solutions Center, providing a range of Internet marketing and other e-based solutions.

Elder has had extensive training and work experience in fields related to the book. She also was a Trainer for Anthony Robbins Seminars for 10 years. Prior to owning her own business she worked in senior management roles for the State of Florida. She has a graduate degree in Engineering and that background has contributed to her systematic approach to creating desired results through effective life planning. 

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