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CPI Consulting is dedicated to finding and delivering SOLUTIONS to meet the needs of our clients and customers. We provide diverse professional services in:

  • Strategic communications
  • Internet marketing
  • Online events & services
  • Business coaching
  • Professional development training
  • Book publishing & marketing   
  • Research, analysis & reporting 
  • Subject matter expertise & technical assistance
  • ​Expert advisory services
  • Other consulting support

We serve businesses, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, entrepreneurs and others seeking highly effective, cost-effective solutions.

In all of our work, we're committed to and widely known for top quality performance with a focus on solutions and results. We also host The Creative Store for even more solutions.

While located in Florida, as a virtual service provider our work has no geographic bounds.

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Our services



We're masters in all forms of communications. Whether you need a public speaker or public speaking trainer ... a professional writer or editor ... expert communications with the media ... a coach on business communications ... or an effective outreach campaign created to market your message ... contact us for superior skills and results. 

Online Technologies


CPI is long-time leader and innovator in the use of online technologies for events, communications, public outreach, skill building, information services, the creation of online products and more.

Check out our Virtual Solutions Center for more on these special abilities and powerful tools.  

Technical Services


 Among our long-time subject matter specialties are the "hot topics" of energy, the environment and sustainable living. Community planning, smart growth, business & economic development, sustainable agriculture and green communities are related areas of our expertise.

See below for still other fields in which we have strong experience.

Human Potentials


 CPI was started with this focus out of a passion for helping others, as individuals and organizations. We do so by way of deluxe quality training, education and coaching services ... and our own unique brand of informing, empowering and inspiring positive action.

Organizational Help


 From organizational assessments and strategic planning ... to retreat/meeting facilitation and management services ... to media relations, public speaking and publications ... to nonprofit association management -- and then some -- CPI provides top quality support with your best interests in mind. Our focus is on "uplifting" organizations to a whole new level of success. 

Other Consulting


Have a special need? Ask about our other consulting experience and services, and let us know your needs. We'll let you know what we can do to help achieve your desired end results!

 Our clients also benefit from our unique abilities to integrate and apply our in-depth knowledge and experience from multiple fields and diverse skill sets.



We're pros in all manner of communications

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Writing Services

Research, writing and editing are a special forte for us - whether for a writing project, critiquing your organization's written work or for other related support. Check out just some of our experience and samples HERE.

Online Media

Getting the attention of the online media can change everything! Not only gaining you high profile attention in front of your target audience … but expanding that audience to new prospects who didn’t even know you existed! We can get you and your message center stage.

Strategic Messaging

Our long-time expertise in strategy is a winning combination with our advanced communication skills when it comes to helping you achieve your goals.


Our dozens of years of experience in professional public speaking can be a major asset for you, whether you need a powerful speech created, coaching or training on your speaking skills or presentation on your behalf, at an event, in a hearing or online.

Internet Marketing

Let us shine for you in social media marketing, Website content development and editing, marketing campaigns and other activities where stellar communications can make all the difference.

Technical consulting

In addition to the broader services described above, our expertise and long-time experience includes subject matter specialties such as:

  • Community planning
  • Land use regulation
  • Energy technologies
  • Transportation
  • Environment
  • Sustainability
  • Conservation agriculture
  • Economic development
  • Health care

We have a long track record of noteworthy achievements in all of these areas, including representation of many and varied clients in Florida and nationally.

With many past years of work in the public policy process -- state, local and national -- we have substantial experience in other issue areas as well ... from election laws and tax reform, to professional regulation and government oversight, to infrastructure, risk management, historic preservation and others.

Public awareness and engagement is part of our forte as well.


the online environment


 The online environment is another of our specialties ... where we're experts in all aspects of virtual communications and a host of online technology resources. 

As part thereof we host online events, do evaluations of Websites, create Websites, provide social media marketing services, teach effective online communications and a whole lot more. 

Find out more through our Virtual Solutions Center - and get ready to be amazed!

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