CPI Consulting in Tallahassee & U.S. - Over 30 years of expert services

CPI Consulting in Tallahassee & U.S. - Over 30 years of expert servicesCPI Consulting in Tallahassee & U.S. - Over 30 years of expert services

Resources for Public & Organization Support

The nation and the world are facing an unprecedented challenge due to the Coronavirus ... health-wise and through a multitude of other impacts (business closures & layoffs, stock market & economy, and others). BUT, despite the difficulties and tragedies, there are many steps we can each take to help ourselves and others. That’s the purpose of this page.


As many have found, stores (and even online outlets) have encountered shortages of needed supplies. As the virus spread has progressed, avoiding stores is also a precautionary step. This site includes things that people need right now or will/may need in the days and weeks ahead -- including items that wouldn’t necessarily be thought of. Things on this online site are being updated daily as supplies are depleted, posting only products and brands that are actually available … and posting items of this nature all on one page. https://onestopsolutionsshop.com/coronavirus/

Work at Home

Most people are accustomed to going to a place of work rather than working from their own home. But precautionary practices these days are compelling employers to send workers home -- and for individuals to choose to self-isolate. Those who already work from home but are accustomed to lots of outside interaction are having to change their practices as well. Change is not something that people tend to feel comfortable with. But this change actually has many unexpected benefits. Find out more HERE

Virtual Services

Tools are available to help businesses stay operational whether team members are working from the business location or home. Online meetings and Web-based events are two of them, among many others. Discover the opportunities HERE.

Relieve Stress!

A whole host of disempowering emotions are common in a crisis -- and this multifaceted crisis is hitting people from all sides. A powerful resource to combat stress, anxiety, fear, depression and other such emotions is HERE.

Options & Insights

Just one idea or resource that you don’t already know about can make a big difference. Click HERE for an assortment that we hope will be valuable for you and yours. Others are coming soon. Our initial focus is on Social Distancing and Stay at Home measures.

Health Info

There are many timely resources to look to at this time. One important one on the health front is the CDC - Centers for Disease Control:  https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-nCoV/index.html       coronavirus support, coronavirus help

Cope with Hope

When things are bad and getting worse, two steps that can be helpful are: 

· considering those who have it far worse than you do (of whom there are many) and being grateful for what you have; and 

· asking crucial questions, like: What could be good about the situation I’m dealing with? What can I learn from the experience? How can I and others benefit? What qualities in myself can I tap to be and stay strong? How can I support others?

We all have far more capacity and resilience than we could imagine. Tough times challenge us to call on it. Allow these times to prove and grow your own strengths, as you stay safe and safeguard the health and welfare of others.

Thank you for visiting this page and we welcome the opportunity to serve you further