In Business Over 30 Years


Long & solid track record

Founded in 1984, CPI is proud to have a long and distinguished track record of success. Known as CPI Consulting, our corporate roots began as Creative Pursuits, Inc.

Diverse capabilities & services

We started out as a personal and professional development training company and quickly grew into a multi-disciplinary consulting firm providing a range of high impact services. 

Solutions & service focus

Our focus is on discovering and meeting your needs -- fully, fast & affordably

Values driven

Our work is based upon a rock-solid foundation of integrity, unparalleled work ethic and dedication to giving and doing our best in all that we do.

Our CEO & Founder

Find out about our company leader and founder, Marcia Elder, whose influence has shaped the company, its direction and our contributions.

Our Partners

In addition to our exceptional staff, our team includes outstanding consultants as subcontractors as a way of meeting client and customer needs even further.